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Taking pictures of steam trains in their last days, buildings due to be demolished and events never to be repeated are all variations on the theme of nostalgia.

And since this started while at school I guess that nostalgia is one of my personality traits - even though it is hard to square with being a fan of the latest in technology and a career in IT!

One of my other subjects of interest - and photography - has been the sport of cycling. Originally the bicycle was a means of transport that could get me somewhere further and quicker than by walking. But after seeing a local cycle race riding further and faster became a new objective.

I was never very good at racing but cycle races did become a subject for my photography. In fact I do remember buying a enlarger and large format paper to make a poster print of a local cycle race that was developed in our bath.

Since all of this was in the 1960’s or earlier by the time we get to the 21st century much of it has been forgotten. So again the motivation for me to transfer some memories from the pre-digital world into the wired society.

As a result my take on the world of cycling is covered by these efforts of mine -

http://www.internationalcyclesport.com/ - a tribute to the original magazine and its predecessor - Coureur Sporting Cyclist - with random extra content from my memories or files.

http://www.sixday.org.uk/ - a collection of material about the London Six Day races of the 1960s and 70s that took on a life of its own with the discovery of dozens of forgotten six day races from the Victorian era.

http://www.tour-racing.co.uk/ - an attempt to collect and publish the stories of multi-stage cycle races from the 1940s to 1970s - centred on the UK and supplemented by overseas races that featuring British riders.

Finally a series of events lead to me having a set of copies of the Old Yorkshire magazine. This is a quarterly magazine that was published in Otley between 1996 and 2004. Its name being taken from a Victorian magazine covering the same topics that ran from 1881 to 1889. So with the decision to close my Yorkshire Heritage website it seems appropriate to now include the information here.


The demolition of the original Ellis Briggs cycle shop in Shipley during the 1960’s.

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